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1. They will get more creative in 2018, including on non-cash benefits. Bank of America, for example, has just introduced a programme allowing employees of the global banking and markets unit to take a sabbatical — on full pay — for up to six weeks in a year. There are conditions: people must have been with the bank for at least a decade, and can request the time once every five years, to a maximum of three. But in a memo circulated this week, seen by the Financial Times, chief operating officer Tom Montag urged eligible employees to consider it.
2. 弗兰西斯麦克多蒙德在这个黑色喜剧故事中扮演一位悲伤的母亲,展现了出色的核心表演。
3. amnesty
4. 反对派是合法的,可以自由表达观点而且权力受到限制。
5. 我们不希望看到打贸易战,贸易战带不来贸易公平,而且双方都受损。
6. 据《新京报》报道,今年我国高校毕业生达765万人,创历史新高。此外,中职毕业生达435万人,应届毕业生总人数达1200万。


1. Developer: Frontier, Microsoft Studios
2. 斯科特的发言人丽贝卡·凯利告诉《人物》杂志:“显然这位年轻的佛蒙特人对服务很感兴趣,任何人提出的想法想让佛蒙特成为一个更好的地方,都能。”
3. My Sunshine
4. After laying low for months, Taylor made a spectacularly bold return with this new album.
5. 4. We can’t go into detail on this matter.
6. 第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”


1. Mary J. Blige, Miguel, Gael García Bernal, Andra Day, Natalia LaFourcade, Keala Settle, Sufjan Stevens and Common will perform their original songs at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 4, when the motion picture academy kicks of its 90th Oscars ceremony.
2. 11) I often feel unhappy 0 1 2 3 4
3. adj. 古怪的,反常的,不同圆心的
4. 5) I take a gloomy view of things 0 1 2 3 4
5. 1. Am I taking care of myself? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. It can be so easy to leave ourselves behind.
6. 4.You Don't Like Most of Your Coworkers


1. archery;shooting;triathlon;Modern Pentathlon.
2. 品牌价值增长最快的行业是服装,由运动服饰耐克(Nike)和快时尚品牌Zara引领,因为人们更多地关注健康和健身,同时Zara的快时尚在中国变得越来越受欢迎。
3. 在周二晚上,史蒂芬·库里砍下37分,带领卫冕冠军以115比110艰难的击败了多伦多猛龙,豪取开赛12连胜。
4. The 12 US schools that appear in this ranking are the most gender balanced on average, with cohorts that are 48 per cent female.
5. The accountancy firm in charge of the Oscars results has apologized after Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were handed the wrong results card when announcing the Best Picture award and incorrectly announced La La Land as the winner rather than Moonlight.
6. 在最新发布的英国《金融时报》管理学硕士(MiM)排行榜中,英国商学院有所进步,而法国商学院有所退步。


1. 吉迪恩拉赫曼(Gideon Rachman)
2. effective
3. 全球最佳大学排行榜是根据科睿唯安公司提供的数据和标准得出的。

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